2011 – most number of new TV series watched , bring it on.

Began with watching Seinfeld , this is right up there in my all time fav – Episode number 3 called “ The Robbery” was the 1250th.

First 2 seasons of BigBang was completed alternating with Seinfeld’s first Two seasons.

Episode 1500 was the  third episode titled ” The Puffy Shirt ”  . Seinfeld third season complete , with Weeds Season #3. It still fascinated me , and I had no idea  that something better was in store for me later that year.

Based on my friend’s recommendation , I watched House MD , a fascinating absorbing medical thriller with the right dose of drama. Series #30. I also began Psych  , a detective series and a comedy as well.

Something on similar lines was The Mentalist , and I plan to watch all 4 seasons up till date.

BigBang going strong , each season ( Season #3) seems better than the previous and that’s a very healthy sign. 2.5 Men Season 8 concluded in the middle , with Charlie Sheen exiting there was no future for this wonderful sitcom or is there …

I watched Weeds #4 and South Park #2 , and then topped up with Weeds #5.  Scrubs was back in the house for Season #3.  Weeds came back with another strong Season #6.


Seinfeld amused me all the more and I completed yet another season ( #4) , South Park’s Third was done – Eric Cartman at it again. Animated world’s brilliant character if ever there was one.


Likewise , Seinfeld Fifth, South Park Fourth , Seinfeld Sixth , South Park Fifth . The oscillation continued.  Californication made an entry with completing Season #1.

Time for a new TV series , now that I have completed major part of Seinfeld , enter Frasier. Psychiatrists were never so amusing . The Crane family  , along with another new entrant – animation called Family Guy.

Both these seasons were complete ,  followed it up with Seinfeld Season #7 , and South Park #6.

How I Met Your Mother Season #6 was gladly up next.  Big Bang jolly ride continued with another rollicking season #4 complete.

Simpsons was Series # 35 , but till date have managed only 5 episodes.

The magnificent Breaking Bad was the next TV series to be watched , and that was another personal milestone , Episode 1750 , was Breaking Bad episode 2 , “Cat’s in the Bag…”  Very eagerly consuming Season #1.


Breaking Bad on AMC … lead me to their equally impressive Walking Dead.  After a long time , I watched a sitcom on ABC titled Modern Family again recommended by my friend and also my sister.  I fully watched Season #1.

Next , I had jumped back to Seinfeld’s penultimate season #8.

Then came Series finale of Seinfeld.  Joining my list of completed TV series. George Costanza and Kramer will live forever.


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