Good quotes from the Imp

  • I much like my head. I don’t want to see it removed just yet.
  • Those are brave men knocking at our door. Let’s go kill them!
  • Varys: I’m not entirely sure what you’re suggesting.
  • Tyrion: I’m entirely sure, you’re entirely sure, what I’m suggesting.

  • The Lord of Light wants his enemies burnt. The Drowned God wants his enemies drowned. Why are all the gods such vicious c-nts? Where is the god of t-ts and wine?
  • Shaggar: How would you like to die, Tyrion, son of Tywin?
  • Tyrion: In my own bed, at the age of 80, with a belly full of wine and a girls mouth around my c**k
  • It’s hard to put a leash on a dog…Once you’ve put a crown on its head.
  • You might find it difficult to rule over millions who want you dead.
  • You love your children. It’s your one redeeming quality – that and your cheekbones


  • We’ve had vicious kings and we’ve had idiot kings, but I don’t know if we’ve ever been cursed with a vicious idiot boy king!

June 2012 onwards

Next , hoped to watch the fourth and final season of Breaking Bad – makes you wonder how they manage to come up with each season much more greater than the previous one.

Game of Thrones came and conquered . So many more awe inspiring moments , so much action and drama – you can’t have enough of Season #2.

This season belonged to so many folks ,  Theon  , Arya , Daenerys  , The Hound , even Stannis but none so much as the Dwarf , one and only Tyrion son of Tywin.  Have captured few good quotes from the Imp , Tyrion Lannister here.

Sherlock Season #1 , comprising three episodes each almost like an movie by itself is a series to cherish. Introduction of Moriarty makes it more yummy and can hardly wait to devour Season #2.

2012 – going steady

No new series to start off the year. Content watching another season of Frasier #4 , very amusing affair of the Crane brothers going at each other and Niles especially is a charm. BullDog is also a cool recurring character  .

This was then succeeded by Season #2 of Breaking Bad. Walter White is the most interesting chemistry professor you would come across.

70s Show holds steady with Season #2 , watch it for the guy constantly stoned … Leo the classic hippie character.

Jessie & Mr White at it again , in a mind blowing Season #3 , makes it more intriguing with the characters of Gustavo Fring  & the chemist Gale. Terrifying climax.

Walking Dead was complete next , a neat little series spanning hardly 6 -7 episodes , that marked my hundredth season complete. This reminded me very much of Lost though I can’t place the exact reason now.

I lapped an season of Scrubs next after a long gap , #5 followed by South Park #8.

Time to venture into new territory …

Louie , another comedic series is what  I attempted next , with the next being a classic , BBC series called Sherlock , modern day avatar of Mr Holmes & Dr Watson.

70s show season 3 , Frasier continues to entertain in Season #5 neatly followed by the ninth season of South Park.  Criminal Minds made a comeback with Season #4 completed.  Likewise , 70s Show Fourth season was also wrapped around same time.

Bus mate introduced me to White Collar , vaguely similar to Hustle.  This was immediately followed by critically acclaimed The Wire , have seen only single episode up to date.

Game of Thrones concluded in epic fashion with dragons , dungeons and an unexpected killing. Season #1 owned. RIP Ned Stark .

Have been regularly following BigBang all season long , that was Season #5 and shows no sign of slowing down in comic quotient department. Promises to entertain for the years to come.

This was soon followed by the regulars , How I Met Your Mother Season #7 , and 2.5 Men sans Charlie Sheen replaced by the not so fitting Ashton Kutcher , still watched Season #9 for old-times sake.  And last in the lot is the Modern Family crew , which never fails to lift you with its right dose of lukewarm comedy . Season #3 is now done.

Next new series was the much praised and hugely popular drama The Sopranos. This is #45 on the list. So far have caught up with only one episode.

2011 – still going strong

Next up was the simply must watch medieval fantasy called Game Of Thrones , the pilot episode “ Winter is Coming “ was my 1900th.

I had to watch another sitcom called That’s the 70s Show – 2.5 Men Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen made me go for 70s Show. This was series #40

After couple of seasons of Frasier ( Seasons #2 & #3) , and yet another season of South Park complete ( Season #7) , I watched two different series , as different as they could be – Modern Family #3 and Dexter latest offering #7.

Season complete next was Scrubs with #4 over ,  and 70s Show proving an instant hit with Season #1 downed real fast.

Last day of the year , I spent watching N number of episodes and it culminated in me watching my 2000th , an episode in the 70s Show called “Vanstock” 

2011 : 781 episodes to its credit , the 2nd highest up to date.

2011 – most number of new TV series watched , bring it on.

Began with watching Seinfeld , this is right up there in my all time fav – Episode number 3 called “ The Robbery” was the 1250th.

First 2 seasons of BigBang was completed alternating with Seinfeld’s first Two seasons.

Episode 1500 was the  third episode titled ” The Puffy Shirt ”  . Seinfeld third season complete , with Weeds Season #3. It still fascinated me , and I had no idea  that something better was in store for me later that year.

Based on my friend’s recommendation , I watched House MD , a fascinating absorbing medical thriller with the right dose of drama. Series #30. I also began Psych  , a detective series and a comedy as well.

Something on similar lines was The Mentalist , and I plan to watch all 4 seasons up till date.

BigBang going strong , each season ( Season #3) seems better than the previous and that’s a very healthy sign. 2.5 Men Season 8 concluded in the middle , with Charlie Sheen exiting there was no future for this wonderful sitcom or is there …

I watched Weeds #4 and South Park #2 , and then topped up with Weeds #5.  Scrubs was back in the house for Season #3.  Weeds came back with another strong Season #6.


Seinfeld amused me all the more and I completed yet another season ( #4) , South Park’s Third was done – Eric Cartman at it again. Animated world’s brilliant character if ever there was one.


Likewise , Seinfeld Fifth, South Park Fourth , Seinfeld Sixth , South Park Fifth . The oscillation continued.  Californication made an entry with completing Season #1.

Time for a new TV series , now that I have completed major part of Seinfeld , enter Frasier. Psychiatrists were never so amusing . The Crane family  , along with another new entrant – animation called Family Guy.

Both these seasons were complete ,  followed it up with Seinfeld Season #7 , and South Park #6.

How I Met Your Mother Season #6 was gladly up next.  Big Bang jolly ride continued with another rollicking season #4 complete.

Simpsons was Series # 35 , but till date have managed only 5 episodes.

The magnificent Breaking Bad was the next TV series to be watched , and that was another personal milestone , Episode 1750 , was Breaking Bad episode 2 , “Cat’s in the Bag…”  Very eagerly consuming Season #1.


Breaking Bad on AMC … lead me to their equally impressive Walking Dead.  After a long time , I watched a sitcom on ABC titled Modern Family again recommended by my friend and also my sister.  I fully watched Season #1.

Next , I had jumped back to Seinfeld’s penultimate season #8.

Then came Series finale of Seinfeld.  Joining my list of completed TV series. George Costanza and Kramer will live forever.


2010 – no time for TV series

Was introduced to Scrubs and like any other new series that I am exposed to , completed in no time. Jane Dorian might not be an enduring character for many , but the character of Perry keeps you coming back for more generous dollops of this sitcom.


How I Met Your Mother Season 5 , old faithful following continues , The Friends for the 2000s generation.

Lost was followed almost religiously during this period , what with time travel and all. It went bit beyond imagination but the old faithfl kept coming at it. Season #6 was the season finale.  And it joined Prison Break and Friends in completed Series list.

Next one , was the legendary Dexter  ( thanks to my sis , and her friend !!) and my colleague  introduced me to Japanese anime called Death Note. Dexter is my Series #25.

It happens that Episode 5 titled ” Tactics”  was the landmark I was waiting for , the 1000th.


After one and only season of Desu Notu completed watching , Dexter Seasons 1 – 3 followed in rapid pace , going at breakneck speed – what a ride it was.


First episode of Season 4 was the 1100th , called “Living the Dream” .

2.5 Men season 6 followed by Dexter Season 4 , and 2.5 Men Season 7 took the honours next.

Many thanks to my colleague for introducing me to the awesome fantabolous universe of South Park.


Scrubs Season 2 , and then a new series ( thanks to Dexter hunted for famous series in Showtime  and was lead to ) Weeds. Watched it for the female protagonist . One season in entirety.

Showtime lead me to Californication next  , explicit and funny in parts.

Weeds & Heroes Season 2 was next on watched list , wrapped up with superb fifth season of Dexter.  And that completed the year.

Year 2010 : only 280 episodes in all.  2011 will be better , much better.

2009 – most prolific year till date

A new TV series in the offering ( special thanks to BigFlix for this) : Criminal Minds.  Watched this end to end. John Gideon & Dr Spencer Reed characters will entertain you , and sustain enough interest to come back asking for more.


Next up is the classic comedy , The Office  a classic mockumentary.  This was  followed by season 2 of Criminal Minds.  2.5 Men Season 3 kicked off , the best so far.

Episode 500 was the 5th episode of The Office some time in Aug 2009.  Office was done , so was Greys Anatomy Season 4 ( Oh Boy)


2.5 Men Season 3 &  Criminal Minds season 2 done , moved on to all time favorite evergreen sitcom Friends Season 1.

Time for a new option in the form of ” The 4400″ – decent stuff.  Pilot episode was number #600.  ( dated 9/11)

After first season Friends & the 4400 was done , another mini series this time – based on Stephen King’s novel called The Stand , an age old timeless story of good vs evil told in your typical King style.

Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love was attempted next , but with limited success , only 4 episodes or so.

The same fate applied to Boston Legal ( 4 episodes ) and 30 Rock ( 5 episodes) , this was TV series #15 by the way.

Friends #2 was done , so was next season of 2.5 Men , followed by yet another Friends , #3.

Had to watch a different season , and that was Kyle XY ( my wife took a bit of fancy towards the protagonist I must say )

Another new season albeit unsuccessful was the war TV series titled Over There – I had to abandon it after 10 episodes though I can’t recall why.

Time for a new crime series , by name of Numb3rs , so far I have not completed an entire season though I have every reason to believe I would so some time soon.

This was immediately followed by The Big Bang Theory , the world is much awesome with likes of Sheldon and Leonard.


Next up , I watched a BBC original series called Coupling , I did not get past 4 episodes. This lead me to Hustle , another BBC presentation which involves long cons on lines of the Ocean Eleven / Twelve.

Friends #4 was finished in no time ( must mention the wife took an interest in this at least , Thank God !)  Criminal Minds Season 3 wasn’t as awesome as Two , but nonetheless good.

Friends 5 was concluded in no time , episode #750 was the 18th episode titled ” The One Where Rachel Smokes”.   After a long hiatus , watched another episode of 24 , Jack Bauer did a terrific job as always.

Friends #6 and 2.5 Men Season 5 completed in record time.

This was followed by FOUR seasons of Friends , 6 – 10 ,  fourth episode of the latter being My 900th  called – ” The One with the Cake”

Year 2009 : 790 episodes , still an Year record something I hope to break in 2012 🙂

The year 2008 and first half 2009

Year 2008 ,  150 episodes.

Next stop , Two and a Half Men.  1 season. Fab sitcom , Charlie Sheen in the house.

I did watch a few episodes of X files next , but never got around to watching an entire season , till now.

After this , came one of my favorite series , Lost. four rocking seasons.

Episode 250 was fifth episode of  2.5 Men Season 2 called ” Bad News from the Clinic”

Then came concluding season of Prison Break , one must admit it did not match up to the preceding seasons at all.

Then I made a mistake. , Greys Anatomy. My excuse was my wife watched it with me as it was ” medical” and guess that intrigued her. I cannot believe it now , but I actually watched close to two seasons at a stretch.

Lost concluded Season 5 in a pretty decent way , one must admit no way it could live up to its preceding seasons.

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 went pretty good with several amusing episodes.  Episode 21 ” The Three Days Rule”  was episode number 300.

Greys Anatomy Season 3 complete , 2.5 Men Season 2 also wrapped up.


Back in 2008 , I started watching TV series called Prison Break.  Completed three seasons back to back.

Then came How I Met Your Mother.  Three seasons. Next I got chance to sample 24 , Season 1 and Heroes 1st season.

After this there was no going back , I was hooked!