The year 2008 and first half 2009

Year 2008 ,  150 episodes.

Next stop , Two and a Half Men.  1 season. Fab sitcom , Charlie Sheen in the house.

I did watch a few episodes of X files next , but never got around to watching an entire season , till now.

After this , came one of my favorite series , Lost. four rocking seasons.

Episode 250 was fifth episode of  2.5 Men Season 2 called ” Bad News from the Clinic”

Then came concluding season of Prison Break , one must admit it did not match up to the preceding seasons at all.

Then I made a mistake. , Greys Anatomy. My excuse was my wife watched it with me as it was ” medical” and guess that intrigued her. I cannot believe it now , but I actually watched close to two seasons at a stretch.

Lost concluded Season 5 in a pretty decent way , one must admit no way it could live up to its preceding seasons.

How I Met Your Mother Season 4 went pretty good with several amusing episodes.  Episode 21 ” The Three Days Rule”  was episode number 300.

Greys Anatomy Season 3 complete , 2.5 Men Season 2 also wrapped up.