2011 – still going strong

Next up was the simply must watch medieval fantasy called Game Of Thrones , the pilot episode “ Winter is Coming “ was my 1900th.

I had to watch another sitcom called That’s the 70s Show – 2.5 Men Ashton Kutcher replacing Charlie Sheen made me go for 70s Show. This was series #40

After couple of seasons of Frasier ( Seasons #2 & #3) , and yet another season of South Park complete ( Season #7) , I watched two different series , as different as they could be – Modern Family #3 and Dexter latest offering #7.

Season complete next was Scrubs with #4 over ,  and 70s Show proving an instant hit with Season #1 downed real fast.

Last day of the year , I spent watching N number of episodes and it culminated in me watching my 2000th , an episode in the 70s Show called “Vanstock” 

2011 : 781 episodes to its credit , the 2nd highest up to date.