2010 – no time for TV series

Was introduced to Scrubs and like any other new series that I am exposed to , completed in no time. Jane Dorian might not be an enduring character for many , but the character of Perry keeps you coming back for more generous dollops of this sitcom.


How I Met Your Mother Season 5 , old faithful following continues , The Friends for the 2000s generation.

Lost was followed almost religiously during this period , what with time travel and all. It went bit beyond imagination but the old faithfl kept coming at it. Season #6 was the season finale.  And it joined Prison Break and Friends in completed Series list.

Next one , was the legendary Dexter  ( thanks to my sis , and her friend !!) and my colleague  introduced me to Japanese anime called Death Note. Dexter is my Series #25.

It happens that Episode 5 titled ” Tactics”  was the landmark I was waiting for , the 1000th.


After one and only season of Desu Notu completed watching , Dexter Seasons 1 – 3 followed in rapid pace , going at breakneck speed – what a ride it was.


First episode of Season 4 was the 1100th , called “Living the Dream” .

2.5 Men season 6 followed by Dexter Season 4 , and 2.5 Men Season 7 took the honours next.

Many thanks to my colleague for introducing me to the awesome fantabolous universe of South Park.


Scrubs Season 2 , and then a new series ( thanks to Dexter hunted for famous series in Showtime  and was lead to ) Weeds. Watched it for the female protagonist . One season in entirety.

Showtime lead me to Californication next  , explicit and funny in parts.

Weeds & Heroes Season 2 was next on watched list , wrapped up with superb fifth season of Dexter.  And that completed the year.

Year 2010 : only 280 episodes in all.  2011 will be better , much better.