2009 – most prolific year till date

A new TV series in the offering ( special thanks to BigFlix for this) : Criminal Minds.  Watched this end to end. John Gideon & Dr Spencer Reed characters will entertain you , and sustain enough interest to come back asking for more.


Next up is the classic comedy , The Office  a classic mockumentary.  This was  followed by season 2 of Criminal Minds.  2.5 Men Season 3 kicked off , the best so far.

Episode 500 was the 5th episode of The Office some time in Aug 2009.  Office was done , so was Greys Anatomy Season 4 ( Oh Boy)


2.5 Men Season 3 &  Criminal Minds season 2 done , moved on to all time favorite evergreen sitcom Friends Season 1.

Time for a new option in the form of ” The 4400″ – decent stuff.  Pilot episode was number #600.  ( dated 9/11)

After first season Friends & the 4400 was done , another mini series this time – based on Stephen King’s novel called The Stand , an age old timeless story of good vs evil told in your typical King style.

Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love was attempted next , but with limited success , only 4 episodes or so.

The same fate applied to Boston Legal ( 4 episodes ) and 30 Rock ( 5 episodes) , this was TV series #15 by the way.

Friends #2 was done , so was next season of 2.5 Men , followed by yet another Friends , #3.

Had to watch a different season , and that was Kyle XY ( my wife took a bit of fancy towards the protagonist I must say )

Another new season albeit unsuccessful was the war TV series titled Over There – I had to abandon it after 10 episodes though I can’t recall why.

Time for a new crime series , by name of Numb3rs , so far I have not completed an entire season though I have every reason to believe I would so some time soon.

This was immediately followed by The Big Bang Theory , the world is much awesome with likes of Sheldon and Leonard.


Next up , I watched a BBC original series called Coupling , I did not get past 4 episodes. This lead me to Hustle , another BBC presentation which involves long cons on lines of the Ocean Eleven / Twelve.

Friends #4 was finished in no time ( must mention the wife took an interest in this at least , Thank God !)  Criminal Minds Season 3 wasn’t as awesome as Two , but nonetheless good.

Friends 5 was concluded in no time , episode #750 was the 18th episode titled ” The One Where Rachel Smokes”.   After a long hiatus , watched another episode of 24 , Jack Bauer did a terrific job as always.

Friends #6 and 2.5 Men Season 5 completed in record time.

This was followed by FOUR seasons of Friends , 6 – 10 ,  fourth episode of the latter being My 900th  called – ” The One with the Cake”

Year 2009 : 790 episodes , still an Year record something I hope to break in 2012 🙂