2012 – going steady

No new series to start off the year. Content watching another season of Frasier #4 , very amusing affair of the Crane brothers going at each other and Niles especially is a charm. BullDog is also a cool recurring character  .

This was then succeeded by Season #2 of Breaking Bad. Walter White is the most interesting chemistry professor you would come across.

70s Show holds steady with Season #2 , watch it for the guy constantly stoned … Leo the classic hippie character.

Jessie & Mr White at it again , in a mind blowing Season #3 , makes it more intriguing with the characters of Gustavo Fring  & the chemist Gale. Terrifying climax.

Walking Dead was complete next , a neat little series spanning hardly 6 -7 episodes , that marked my hundredth season complete. This reminded me very much of Lost though I can’t place the exact reason now.

I lapped an season of Scrubs next after a long gap , #5 followed by South Park #8.

Time to venture into new territory …

Louie , another comedic series is what  I attempted next , with the next being a classic , BBC series called Sherlock , modern day avatar of Mr Holmes & Dr Watson.

70s show season 3 , Frasier continues to entertain in Season #5 neatly followed by the ninth season of South Park.  Criminal Minds made a comeback with Season #4 completed.  Likewise , 70s Show Fourth season was also wrapped around same time.

Bus mate introduced me to White Collar , vaguely similar to Hustle.  This was immediately followed by critically acclaimed The Wire , have seen only single episode up to date.

Game of Thrones concluded in epic fashion with dragons , dungeons and an unexpected killing. Season #1 owned. RIP Ned Stark .

Have been regularly following BigBang all season long , that was Season #5 and shows no sign of slowing down in comic quotient department. Promises to entertain for the years to come.

This was soon followed by the regulars , How I Met Your Mother Season #7 , and 2.5 Men sans Charlie Sheen replaced by the not so fitting Ashton Kutcher , still watched Season #9 for old-times sake.  And last in the lot is the Modern Family crew , which never fails to lift you with its right dose of lukewarm comedy . Season #3 is now done.

Next new series was the much praised and hugely popular drama The Sopranos. This is #45 on the list. So far have caught up with only one episode.